Monday, April 27, 2015

Wheeler Walk

Finished up last week with 17.5 miles total!  

Yesterday, Matt and I hit the Refuge for a long walk, 11 miles in one go.  Now I just need to get 4 more this week to meet my 15 mile a week goal,  hahaha.   (update, 3, I just did a lap at the track!)

Leather Flower

Osprey nest, with mated pair!

Blue eyed grass

Blue star

Morning Star Sedge

This canal was so full of snakes, turtles and gar that it would be a good place to dump a body.

I call this one 'WWBD?'



The plan was to hang out under the bridge for lunch, but Matt could not get his hammock up.

Violets, corn salad, poison oak

The bridges are this huge monolith type things after all the wide open space.

This walk WORE ME OUT.  Way more than Richard Martin, which was a longer walk and had hills.  The going theory is that RM has a definitive turn around, so I knew how much longer we had to go.  I hate thinking I am that wimpy, but...we did start out walking 4, 5, 6 miles and then moved up to doing 10+ most weekends before I hurt myself last year and re-hurt my fool self in March.  My stamina is shot, but I am getting there!!

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