Friday, April 17, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hokey Smo, I am durn tired of the rain already.  We were TRYING to camp down at Pensacola this week and Sunday night alone-over 8 inches in one go.  And Monday, it rained until just before dark. We headed home Tuesday.  :(

Last week, Jake and Chan went to interview for summer positions with the NPS in Chattanooga.  I think the interviews went well, but I don't think they will get selected because they are supposed to decide within a few more days and have not contacted any of their references yet-to me that means they either are shoo-in without needing more info or they just did the interview as a courtesy or to get their numbers up.  I imagine if they can say 'we had 200 applicants for 60 positions' they can get more funding for next year to add a few more slots, that's how these things go sometimes.  So, we are making alternate plans as backup.

I have not taken many shots lately, here are a few and blogger is putting them in random order once again.

Bluebells in Katy's backyard

The dogwoods are in full bloom at Maple Hill Cemetery

Ben,  Peeps, welding goggles and a Fresnel lens
The tiny one on the ground next to him (that I carry in my wallet!) did more melting damage.

Chandler jogging in an old munitions bunker we found just outside of Chattanooga
Look at all the orbs!  It's GOT to be haunted.  ;)

A park drive.  We were going to have a walk and poor Jake's head exploded with allergies.  His eyes were so runny he could not hold them open, so I dosed him with meds and he had a nap while he recovered and Chan and I enjoyed a little drive in the country instead.

That peninsula is a campground!  All the sites are waterfront!

Another shot from the cemetery.

A lovely picnic spot we discovered last week.

The treehouse at Katy's.  That very top platform is the zipline launch!  AWESOME.

We had plans for hiking today and it's raining.  Hoping it will hold off tomorrow!

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