Thursday, February 25, 2016

Catching Up

Just catching things up!

Last week, Dy invited us to join a field trip to a locally owned ice cream shop.
The kids were not super thrilled at being up so early, but actually enjoyed the tour quite a bit!

I developed a horrible rash, it hurt, burned, itched and I could not get it wet because water felt like acid.
I kept it covered with gauze that I gunked with antibiotic cream, hydrocortizone and arnica.  It took a full week to stop hurting.  No idea what set it off, I finally got some lotion with, of all things, colloidal oatmeal.  That pretty well fixed it, though it's still red, it's not rashy.

At the end of last week, we went to see how Huntsville burns trash to make steam to turn turbines to make energy!

Afterward, the kids went to Amanda's for the weekend.

I did a deep conditioning of my hair and Ben saw my hair like this.  Chandler dashed in front of him and pushed him away from me yelling, "No Ben!  It's frill is up, that means it's agitated!"

On Tuesday I hung out with Karen and Melissa and talked hiking plans for hours.  We looked at all of Karen's gear and played with her new backpacking stove. I may have some stove envy now.  It was a totally new type of day for me-getting together with no kids.

Read this in book form a few weeks ago in a fit of staying awake.  Decided to get the movie via Netflix.
I thought it was hilarious that someone decided, "No.  It's really only 3 hours."
It was pretty bad-a shark with thumbs, yo.  But you have to love Craig T Nelson's unwavering dedication to the role.  He was like, "I am deadly seriously playing the hell out of this role."
It was worth watching just for his superserious expression.

It's time.  After 3 years, I finally replaced my much-loved New Balance shoes.
I had stretched their lifespan by wearing my Trekstas most of the time, now they are not looking much better.  But I can still do trail work in them, as I seem to end up in a creek to my ankles any time I am out there.  These...well, it's just time.  I simply wanted a tribute to them somewhere.  Many miles we have traveled together.

Hoping for a warm weekend with some sun, we have loads to do!

Final note, I contacted Hobo Hammocks on Monday to see if I could buy a single strap for my hammock and they not only sent me (free) a new SET of straps, but also a tshirt!  They came in today, I was so surprised!  And pleased!  Yay!

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