Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Roaming Around, Lost in the Woods 6/52

Chan and I found this deer skull.  We relocated it so that it will surprise Matt!

I never want to be bitten by a deer!!

The tree at the northeast  property line

that hill is SO STEEP.  One day I will have a camera that can show steep.

The above pic is the creek above the pic of the creek below, it was a long tumbly series of little falls, very pretty and quite loud!

I crossed the property line, having assumed Chan went back home, and went on down to the big creek.

bear!  Okay, it's just a rock, but I did get excited for a moment

I followed the creek a LONG way, thinking it was the other end of our creek and that I was meandering back into the little valley below the pasture.

Then I came out here:

ACK!  I was LOST.
It had been raining for a while at this point and my glasses were fogged.
I had deer skull germs on my hands and could not eat my snack
I had not brought water because Chan and I were planning to walk the 3/4 mile to the far end and mark the trail back to the first campsite.  We did that much, but I just HAD to see where the creek went.

Kuma (my favorite dog in the world) and I followed 4 wheeler trails for about a mile.
They have not been used in a while, trees were across in places.  Other places looked freshly mowed, so I don't know what's going on back there.

THIS is familiar, this is our creek.  I could just tell. So I followed it up a while.

UGH!  Nasty ass people.

This is the property line, I found out later-or at least where the fence crosses.
It's 10 feet from the redeck riviera setup-of course.
I went over it and started uphill.

As I was walking up and up and up, Chan appeared!  I was no longer lost, or else we both were.
I had gotten back on the property at the northwest corner!  That was a surprise.
We followed the old log road up and when I got near the top (see my soaked beet-red head below) I was trying to figure out where we had popped out.  There was one of my trail flags!  WOW.  Right into the new trail, awesome!

She had gone home, then headed back out to find me.  I have no IDEA what took her down to exactly where I was.  I was not scared, but I was still a little turned around on my location, I was soaked through from crossing creeks, I had no water or way to start a fire, not even a hat!  I did have my cell, so Matt knew I was 'somewhere north of the property line'.
I'd like to find out who owns that and see if we can walk on those 4 wheeler trails!  They were awesome!  And the creeks were huge, but it did rain hard yesterday, so they may be just as fickle as our own.
Anyway, I have seldom been so glad to see someone.

From there it was easy strolling along the new trail.  

We routed the trail to parallel the creek, because it's pretty. And I am determined to get a 3 mile loop at least.  hahaha

Back at the pasture, we enjoyed the clouds a while.  It had finally stopped raining!

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