Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Week

Chan turned 18 Wednesday and we had girls over.  They stayed up all night laughing and eating sugar.  Friday, she graduated (her diploma came in the mail!) and I spent the whole day clearing trail.  We decided to add to the trail system and make it a thru-hike with a badge.  Thinking of trail names now, it's been a debate.  There will be 2 campsites as well.  Matt's petitioning for switchbacks to the creek.

We routed the new trail to double back and follow the creek a ways because it's a pretty spot.

View from the new campsite spot
That's a wide, shallow creek, a little hard to see in the shade!

I Eat Deer

The new campsite will be at the top of that hill!
It's called Far Point.  It's 3/4 mile from the house, so that will be a nice hike, especially when the trail loops instead of just goes there and back out.

Saturday we went to Aveda for a modeling gig.  I had thought it was for pics for at least the website/FB page and they did take some, but it was mostly an unveiling of the new makeup line.  It's pretty, lots of pinks and purples.  The foundation has a color called Esther.  I was geeked.

We dropped them off and headed out to get  lunch (Aveda fed the girls!) and hit the music store and the new Field and Stream store.  After a few hours, we headed back to Aveda.

While the girls stood around like mannequins and occasionally strolled the room for customers to get a closer look, I got whisked away for a free makeup do-thingie!  I have not had anyone do my makeup in...25 years?  She used lots of pinks, which I thought were bad at my age.   But, what do I know?  Not much about make up!

Pretty good week, looking forward to some upcoming events.  Added 2 tough hikes and another backpacking trip to the calendar.  I'll guess I'll see if trail building and kettlebell workouts are enough to compensate for barely moving all year.  My 1000 mile goal is still over 900 miles from being done.  And the month's half over!

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