Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tree Two

Dave came over today with some chainsaws and helped Matt clear away the part of the pine that fell as well as the Paulina tree that was damaged some months ago.  Matt cut the English dogwood outside our window, it has been dying for a few years and this spring, it did not put out any leaves that were not immediately eaten by worms of some kind.  Most of the inside of the stalks were hollow.  I hope we can find another one in a couple of years and replant it somewhere not in the solid shade.  I don't think planting a new one right away would be a good idea, as the leaf-eaters would probably maul it as well.

Anyway, they worked at least 3 hours on it and then I burned a big pile of leavings, the first of many of those out there.

The AC was not working again today, the outside unit won't even kick on to run the blower.  The guy is coming in the morning to check it out again, keep your fingers crossed that it will be an easy fix, though to be honest, I am just numb at this point.

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