Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oil Change

Yes, after Monday's fun, the next biggest event of the week was getting my oil changed.

This is actually big news because Mr. Holmes was closed until Monday getting his hip operated on and doing rehab after that fall back during the icy weather.  He's still on crutches, but looks MUCH better than when I last saw him.  Yay!  Plus, he's open again so I did not have to find someone else to change my oil.  Though I did postpone it to 5k miles, I have never gone over 4k in the past.  It was cutting it close at any rate.

Don't forget to feed the toothless gators

Pink brackets

Practicing a neutral expression in case they won't let him smile for his drivers permit photo next week.
See the wasp sting remnant on his cheek?  Owie.

Jake rehangs the maypop, SO glad to have that out of the trunk.

Still on crutches!
He replaced my other rear tire today, it had a crack in it.
I mapped out a new walking route on the way home.  I need to step up my efforts, I have not lost anything at all this year and my recent blood work revealed unpleasant things about my future.  

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