Monday, October 3, 2011

Day Out

Today we went to the orthodontist and the library and picked up pizza and went to have a picnic and take some pictures.  The place I had in mind to take the pics was...gone.  I guess the tornadoes finally caved it in.  The area we ended up was BRIGHT, so I got what I could.

Jake-not smiling, Chan-eyes shut...
I wanted ONE picture of them sitting at the top of the slide, all looking at the camera and smiling.  Simple?  No.

I decide maybe they can ALL slide at once and I can get a shot.  Ben gets stuck at the top!

Ben gets unstuck for the next shot too soon!

Jake slid down with his hands to his sides and got wedged in the track.  Ben had to free him.

Chandler's tiny rear end would not stay put on the slide.  She kept slipping off...

Here is my finished shot.  Deep shadows, Jake-not smiling, Ben-eyes shut.  Ah well.

So, with my original idea gone, I did the very next best thing.  Hauled my children to an abandoned warehouse down by the river. 

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