Tuesday, October 11, 2011


First, a few shots from last skate day:

Then, dinner Friday night, which was Garbanzo Bean Day.
(Though it was REALLY National Pierogi Day, which we will celebrate a week late this year)

I at least had garbanzo, so we celebrated.  And...I brought my food in here and took a picture at my desk instead of taking the camera into the kitchen.  See the 1970 wall heater? 

We had hummus and falafel, both made with...Garbanzo!  The green stuff is couscous-I only had enough to make 2 servings, so we split it 5 ways-and the thing next to my cucumber tomato salad bowl is quinoa.  That's flatbread on top of my laptop.  Talk about REALLY bad staging-you can even see my shadow!  I blame severe hunger.  I had a protein drink at home before we left, planning to eat in town and I never did.  So it was 12 hours later when I got to sit down and eat FOOD for the first time all day.
The skating rink and Sonic just don't have what I would consider worthwhile exchange.  My money for their processed white flour and sugar?...nah.  The kids decided it was a great trade and had watermelon slushies with lemons.  haha!

Saturday, I did pics in the pasture, which are elsewhere, but I also took some of MEEEE and Jess and stuff:

This is a picture of Zephyr!

My summer hair is thinking of going red with the changing of the leaves! 
The goldenrod is higher than my head-and this is not the only stand in the pasture, ack!
I liked the way the grain is all sideways, it looks like Jess is defying gravity!
Sweet Jess, she is back in a good deal of pain, despite the medication.  We are going to try a stronger type when this supply runs out.

After a year of no access, we...well, Matt, used the van as a bushhog and plowed a path.


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