Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Things That Are Going On Here

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First of all, I joined the Radical Unschoolers Network today, which I am excited about because I hope to connect with more unschoolers, in particular with more teens.  Jake's tired of being the oldest all of the time and Chan has recently pointed out in a fit of annoyance that all the boys she currently knows are significantly younger, have mental issue or are related to her.  Sorry, Heather, I guess that means Austin has issues.  LOL!  Other than Brad, there are no more boys near her age.  She will be 14 in a few more months, I imagine she's at least thinking about her prospects.  I already have the boys marriages arranged, as soon as I can do something about Johnny Depp, that is.  Darn man, why does he have to be so charismatic?  I keep hoping he will go public with his disdain for Webkinz or Monster High dolls.

Secondly, we do not have a slot at Disneyland (sob) so we are going to (sob) forgo the visit and save the money and make do with Disney World in 2013.  It will be hard, but I think I can keep a brave face and deal with a week at DW to make up for the loss.  We would have gone anyway, I think, but the Matterhorn will be closed down the time we will be out there, so...what's the point?  That's like Mickey being MIA. 

Moving on, Nettlevan now has a new tail light cover!  Oh, she's so pretty now, I am happy-happy.  I got it from Amazon and with 2 birthdays coming up, both boys were SO excited to see a big box from their favorite place with the online wish lists come into the house.  Poor guys!  I will admit, it was a little fun in the Bad Mother kind of way to peek in and exclaim and then reveal it's a tail light cover.  hahaha!  

We have spent the last many hours relocating things from the back porch to other places.  I am crashed at the moment, nursing a headache that went from mild to horrific and is only recently fading back into manageable.  I am looking forward to getting the house back in working order, this chaos is making me twitchy.

Matt is coming home with pizza soon, I hope we don't actually injure him, we are HUNGRY.


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