Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We had such a nice weekend!  Saturday afternoon we headed to Katy's and spent the rest of the evening hanging out there.  They had the zipline up and going, Matt and I jumped on the trampoline, we ate all kinds of new-to-us things.  My favorite was veggie dip made from cashews, it was so sweet!  The GF cake was yummy enough for seconds and the conversations ebbed and flowed, by 10 or so, several couples were in the sitting area inside the house chatting and catching up while the kids ran around outdoors or played on the computer downstairs.  It was a great, relaxing way to spend the evening.

Now the zip line goes off the top platform on the Fourt!

Adults were given the option of using a harness or not.  The kids all were harnessed, including this one.

The platform is about 30 feet up, it was quite a ride to the end!

Sunday, we knocked off the fascia boards and burned them!  I am THRILLED.  I hated those things, they were so riddled with carpenter bee tunnels that they were rotting off the house in places and it was bringing me down to even look outside and see them.  Now we can put up nice fresh ones and it will look 100% better!  

In other news toward getting things taken care of, I FINALLY ordered the new tail light cover for the van, it should be in by Friday.  I only have 2 more things in my 'sooner' list and 5 in the 'later' category.  Yay!

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