Monday, December 26, 2011


For the first day of Matt's week off, we lounged until noon and then headed to the Space and Rocket Center for a couple of hours.  We have passes good through the end of January, so it was nice to get to use them!  The kids and Matt did the rock climbing wall, we all rode the simulator, we wandered around the new building before heading off to eat a late lunch.

The pic they take as you walk in, I did not take this one!

The Space and Rocket Center has become depressing since now there are no space programs running.  It's been outdated for a while, we go mainly for the 'ride' aspect than to learn anything, I guess if you had a die-hard space nut or enrolled in one of the programs, it still has merit, but as a museum, it's over-priced and there's not much turnover in exhibits.  The kids played today in the same mock-up my brother and I used to flip switches on when I was 6.

After eating, we headed to the library and then made a stop at the Far East Market where I found steamed buns!  Spinach and green onion, I am thrilled.  : )  We all picked out a new unknown flavored drink.  Mine is green grass jelly, who could be yummy! 

The library was a HUGE score.  First of all, I have been reading travel books like I am trying to find a cure for a disease I have been diagnosed with.  It's not casual flipping, I have been sucking up info and sitting up in bed until my legs go numb from lack of circulation from everything I have piled on my lap.  I have hauled out my atlas so many times, it's starting to feel like denim, the pages have gotten so soft from me running my finger along one route or another over and over, comparing the drive with the things I am reading about.  I have about 7 different routes, I guess we will have to go out and back at least four times over the next several years in order to quiet my mind.  This is likely the only time Jake will go with us, so I am trying to make it more about what will spark his brain.

Beyond MORE travel books (Great Plains, Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain States and the 2012 guide to Disney World, which is currently being shared 3 ways with the kids running in and out to show me photos.  We all have the travel bug, they just have a single destination in mind...) I picked up a book about re-using old books to make new things, called Re-Bound and one on upcycling which can only help my sad collection of things and one called YOU CAN DO IT!  Which promises to inspire me to follow my dreams.  And show me how.

We are back home now, there was a $50 Lowe's gift card on the van windshield when we left today.  THAT came in handy, we are going to work on the trim this coming weekend, that's almost enough to cover the rest of the wood we need!  We already bought a big box of nails and borrowed another long ladder, so this shiny new fascia board dream of mine really COULD come true!  : )  No book needed!

Tomorrow is National Fruitcake Day.  I am thinking we will skip that this year...instead, we are going on a scouting mission!   I hope to report later about our awesome discovery, I CAN DO IT!  (lol)  That book is amazing, I have only read the front cover!

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