Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fishy Morning

Oh, my children do not like to be woken up and if they are woken, they want a road trip.

When I came around at 6 this morning, there were general dismayed sounds among the whining and groaning.  And that was mostly just me.  They got up and dressed themselves, then milled around.  Ben sat on the foot of his bed for 15 minutes staring blankly at his shoe.  He did not eat breakfast and had to make do with a banana.  There were complaints about getting into the car, about who got to sit where.  It was like having sit-com children.

We arrived and started fishing, Daddy caught a turtle, Chan caught 3 fish, the boys and I caught nothing.  Everything was put back in the pond more or less unharmed.  We put in our best effort for over 2 hours, not the WHOLE 2 hours, but here and there some effort was applied.

The boys squabbled, Ben pestered me until I made him move elsewhere.  Jake gave up and began sighing.  I kept chattering away and likely scared off all the fish.

When we left, Daddy invited us to breakfast, so that cheered the kids right up.  Jake drove the van and as we turned on to the main road, Chandler rolled down her window and yelled, "HEY EMILY!" toward Emily's house, about a mile or so away.  Jake thought Emily was standing in the road and promptly forgot to drive, he was so excited.

I kept us out of the ditch and we kept going toward town.  About 5 minutes later, Jake announced someone was following us and proceeded to make a quick turn.  The red truck-containing my father-turned right behind us, which freaked Jake out even more.  By the time we got to the restaurant, I was VERY glad when he finally turned off the engine.  I was even more glad when he put the van in park before trying to remove the keys, even though I think I have told him 60 times at least to put it n park, THEN kill the engine. 

Daddy remains convinced that fishing is the very thing that all kids love and is already planning to go with us again, though other than running back and forth keeping hooks baited, he did not actually fish himself. 

There were about a dozen red-winged blackbirds making a HUGE racket all morning

Chandler gets her fishing ability straight from me.

Ben was his usual charming self...