Sunday, May 13, 2012


Chan made me a lovely drawing of us from our camping trip in Kentucky a couple years ago.

We have spent the weekend running local errands and recovering from either a cold or the worst allergy attack ever.  Since no one felt much up to doing anything, our mothers day celebration has consisted of baking a German chocolate cake with coconut pecan caramel icing, quite quite yummy.  Then I walked 3 miles at the track.

I have slowly been gearing up for the camping season.  Today I sorted out the first aid kit and we bought more sinus meds, since we seem to be going through them like tictacs.  I want to camp more this year, last year we camped 5 nights the whole year.  In 2009, we were out 5 nights a month 6 months of the year and camped the entire month of October. 

Play practice starts this week.  I am excited this time, I think it will be a fun play.  I hope, anyway...

That's all the news from the castle for this weekend, a very low-key affair for which I am very grateful.