Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We finally remembered to buy a cheap soda today to use our Mentos geyser!
It did not disappoint, we screamed and dodged the spray, it was very impressive.

Later, the kids had a water battle to prepare for showering since earlier, they helped me paint the trim!  There's more left to do, but I need Matt to help, as it involves the rose bush and balancing on a ladder above said roses.

We've had a fun few days, I hate for our extra kid to go home!
Yesterday the kids had a marathon Wii afternoon followed by running so much outside that I thought they were going to throw up.  We watched the new Underworld movie last night, which felt like the whole movie was just a set-up for the next movie.

We made a menu last night so we could eat like Hobbits today.  By 11, we had breakfast (cereal) 2nd breakfast (fruit) elevensies (cinnamon rolls) and for lunch we had ramen.  Tea was fun, we mixed up all kinds of different teas and herbs into 3 pots to see how that turned out and ate mochii-which was sweeter than the tea and it all ended up tasting weird.  For dinner we have perogies and bedtime snack is cocoa and chocolate cake.  mmmm!  If we can still lift a fork by then!

The weather is perfect today, a nice cloudy and lazy morning, cool breezes all day, warm and sunny afternoon. That sun feels amazing coming in the windows on my arms.  I am 100% solar powered.