Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Walking

We headed out today to walk at the Refuge and ended up at the Richard Martin Trail again because it's shady.  We did 13.25 miles, after taking last weekend off to work on the house, it was harder than usual to push through to the double digits. My left leg in particular was opting to just come off, I had to slow down and the pain would go away, then it would come back and I'd slow down again...ugh.  At least my feet were no bother today!

On the way home we went to Captain D's.  We have never eaten there before, but I was in the mood for fish.  Matt got the extra 12 shrimp for $1.49 and has complained ever since about the size!  They were more like breaded fingernail clippings.  hahaha.  I was quite happy with my fish and cole slaw!

The weather was lovely, if a bit warm.  Each breeze was marveled over and we loitered along the old trestle because the air coming up from the creek below was very cool.  When the breeze left off, it was muggy and of course, buggy.  I think I could be happy forever if I always had a comfy spot to sit, if no insect came within 2 feet of me and if it would not rain while I am out of doors.  That's not too much to ask!   Should be darn easy, what genie would pass me up? 

At the halfway point, Matt was off taking pictures and I went to the little playground area and swung on the swings.  I like a good swingset that you can get going really high on like that.  I love peeking over the top of the bar, it's that combo of knowing if you go OVER the bar, you'll turn inside out, like Inside Out Boy.  The other is from something I read a long while ago about girls living in restricted societies swinging as high as they can so they can see out over the garden walls.  Only the bravest girls would dare try and they would report back what they saw.  I only saw the same red brick church with colorful windows that I could see from below the bar.

One day soon, grapes.

This guy decided we'd seen enough of his scaly hide and played 'rattlesnake' with his little tail tip in the dry leaves, it was impressive and effective!

Hitchhiker the Mouse