Thursday, May 3, 2012


We went to see Princess and the Pea today!
Emily, Britney and Keilee all have roles, so we just had to go show our support!  : )
There are loads more shots of Keilee because her mom is always backstage and can't get many of her in action!

First, Emily the Gypsy says the Prince must go out and look for a bride.

You needa getta girl.

Oooo, the thought of being married make my tum tum ache!

I care NOT for your tum tum, you must wander back and forth across the vast stage and check out girls, girls, girls!

Britney is up for review as Minerva.

"It says here, right foot in, right foot out, right foot in and shake it all about.  See?  I am loads of fun!"

"Wait.  It says here that most boys have cooties."

The prince and his squire consult about cooties.  The squire admits he's unsure.

"I don't think I could ever love a man who has to consult a blank roll of paper towels before he does anything."

"Surely you must understand."

They admit, they have not changed clothes once on the journey, despite the bag the squire is carrying.

"Look here, Prince Cootie Boy, this book shows the proper way to lace that shirt and it's not from the top down."

"Squire!  Make a note...oh wait, our kingdom does not believe in ink.  Damn the luck."

"Ah!  My book says I must go now.  It has WORDS."

Next up is Keilee as Diana. 

Diana is delighted at the prospect of marriage!

Oh, Prince!  I can just see us now.

You'll be off somewhere doing something official and I will be home taking care of the kingdom.

Why, I bet I even get to wear a crown!  I mean, a bigger crown!

Determined to land her that man,

She tries dancing.

She also sings like someone is poking her with broken glass.  It was pretty impressive!

She tries the pout...

She turns on the charm...

She awaits the royal proclamation of love...

While the prince looks like he's gonna hurl.

What will the blank roll of towels reveal?

And she gets the 'don't call us, we'll call you'.  Harsh, Prince.  Harsh.

Imma take you down, scumbag formerly known as Prince.

Emily makes another appearance as Chan put it 'to pimp out her cousin'
"What's that?  Oh, yes!  I AM the only gypsy in the land.  This is my cousin. She's...from...the sea!"
I still don't see why he did not pick Samantha, she seemed very nice.

"I am sorry, Samantha.  I don't care for girls who wear handkerchiefs.  It seems so very complicated.  I mean, what if you sneeze?  Would you use your headband?  Plus, your cousin smokes."

Ah well, let's go off to see the Fairy Godmother!  Wait, I think I ruined the ending.  No, wait...the end is when the princess can't sleep because there's a pea in the bed.  Oh, oops.

I think it ended happily ever after.  The play drug its feet toward the end like a 10 year old boy heading off for a bath.  Back in the van, the kids took turns retelling it in 30 seconds or less.
It was a very cute play, and our roamies did a great job!  We did all agree though that the one Princess who was about 8 really, like TOTALLY skeeved us out.  She was just too young to be marriage material.

Our lovely crew, Austin in particular, who is sporting war wounds from a horse.
Ben is missing, he was at Alex's house!

Avoid 3-H Stables in Huntsville.