Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Pics

Front row at the drive-in

The moon Sunday night

The Webkinz I had for a couple of hours, until Ben saw him.
I think of him as 'Temp'.  *sigh*

 Below is a little cemetery that is falling apart, it's off Six-Mile Road, we stop in a couple times a year, yesterday we stopped because there's a new geocache outside the fence.

We miss thee from our home dear mother,
We miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o’er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face. 
We miss thy kind and willing hand,
Thy fond earnest care,
Our home is dark without thee –
We miss thee every where.

One by one earth’s ties are broken,
as we see our love decay;
and the hope so fondly cherished
brighten but to pass away.
One by one our hopes grow brighter
as we near the shining shore,
for we know across the river wait
the loved ones gone before.

With the recent logging, there's a view from the road down to the valley.
It's a pretty drive, but steep and winding.