Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fostering and other news

This week, we have Amos and Kira, click on the Foster Dog link up there to learn more about them!   We are trying out a rotating system, so we can get as many dogs that NEED to be out of the kennels for a little while over here to run and play and be socialized with some humans and less dogs.  It helps their chances of being adopted, plus I can take pictures of them for their information page!

Famous (he was Festus, but she put up new pics and changed it to Amos to see if she could get some new interest, so I call him Famous now) says, 'this bed is JUST the right size for me!'

In other news, it's been hot.  Not just 'gosh it's hot' hot, but BLAZING hot.  When 95 seems sort of pleasant, you know it's been crazy hot.  The mower still is at the shop, so I called a guy in the paper to come up and mow for us this afternoon.  The $30 will be worth it to be able to sit inside in the AC and then wander out later to discover the yard is flat again!  I may never get the mower fixed!  hahaha

The only other thing of note this week-other than Robin Hood is OVER-is that I am in early negotiations to do some set location work for a movie being filmed in the area!  My requested fee is that the kids get to be somewhere in the background of one of the scenes.  How cool would that be?  Even just getting to visit the set one day, they would learn so much.  I am hoping it will all work out and that he will need not only local location ideas but lots of local extras.  I know a few more kids that would love to be in a steampunk movie!  So far I have just been contacted initially to see if I would be interested in helping out.  I said heck yeah!  Now put my kids in a movie.  LOL

Speaking of steampunk, Alice rehearsals are Friday.  I will be glad to get that underway, the kids are a little stressed because they are supposed to be off script, but have missed 2 rehearsals in a row.  I think when they get in there Friday, it will go so well that their unease will be put to rest.  Jake has about a zillion lines, but he has Act I down pat-mainly because all he has to do when Alice says anything is reply with how late he is!  I don't think any of them know their songs yet...

It will all come together-or it won't.  I am done second-guessing how things like that work.  It's nothing I am interested in taking over, so I need to just shut my yap when I feel like complaining or tossing out what I would be doing differently.  It's kind of like when you spend all day cleaning the house really well and then company comes over and ALL you can see are the smudges on the cabinet doors or a corner that totally got missed in the mopping process.  It hardly matters everything that DID go just fine and is all clean now.  It's those 2-3 little things that stick out.  And after the fact, they don't matter at all.

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