Saturday, July 21, 2012


Jake has been asking me to cut his hair for the last few weeks, since before Robin Hood was over.  The director asked him to leave it for the role of King Richard, so I was hesitant to just shave it off as he had wanted until I spoke with the new director about Alice.  I finally got to last night and she said he needed enough to pin the wig and ears to, so it could not be bald.

 My hair cut skillz are so bad that, at the time, I was certain I was cutting his hair in a straight line from left side to right side.  

It did not come out too badly!  He wanted it out of his eyes/mouth.

After he saw it, he put a box on his head and has been walking about like that ever since.
It will be perfect for when he plays Captain Hammer, if he will ever take off the box.

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