Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saloons and Such

 On the 27th, we went to the Rattlesnake Saloon for lunch with Suzette, Michelle, Karen and Heather and our assorted kids.  Matt had the day off, so he came along as well!  The location is really cool, tucked up under a cliff. 

 Chan dressed for the occasion by wearing her Webkinz snake as an accessory.

 There are 2 levels, well 3 if you add in the balcony seating below this main level.  I am just glad I am not a server there, I imagine they work more than any other serving staff in the area, just going up and down from the kitchen to our table was a bit of a workout and our server did it with 15 plates of food on 2 trays, one on each arm.

 After lunch, we went to go swimming and arrived at the swim beach along with the rain.  We waited around about 30 minutes before deciding to part ways.  Suzette and Karen had to be back home and decided to just go on a little early and we needed to get to rehearsals, though we had a good hour+ of time to fill since swimming was out.  We drove on in to Huntsville and the kids napped while it poured rain. 

We opted to stop at Yogurt Mountain, Matt and I saw it last week, but it was packed then, so we came back with the kids to check it out.  You go in and there's a wall of about 20 different flavors of yogurt to choose from.  Then there is another wall of toppings.  You fill your container with any combo and amount you want and it's .49 an ounce.  Our total was $24.  eep!

The sun came out while we were there!
 We got to rehearsals a little late, though there was plenty of commotion going on to cover our absence.  The director came over to where Matt and I were sitting and asked if I remembered offering Matt for a role back in June.  Then she proceeded to cast him as spade #7!  hahaha.  He has 3 lines, but is on stage a LONG time.
Ben is really excited because one of his roles is spade #2, so they are in a scene together!

Matt makes a wicked wicket!

 Chan's dress is nearly done, so last night she had a fitting. 

There were practices in the side room for different songs.  That blur is Chandler, she can't just sing, she must DAAAANCE.

White Rabbit and Alice, working on their duet.

The blur onstage is Jake!

Jake did my hair and all the kids loved it.  I took a pic to see and THOUGHT I had gotten a shot of a ghost, too!

Marc is awesome!

Practicing the race song.

Chandler, in the .04 seconds she's not dancing in her scene.

We had a great time!  Me more than Matt since now he's in a musical and in the 2 biggest dance numbers they do.  He does NOT dance.  Yet.

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