Friday, July 20, 2012

Good News Friday

This past week has been crazy-for us.  Which I am starting to think translates in Estherese to 'one thing went really wrong and I got tunnel vision'.  The kind of tunnel vision where any minor annoyance is amplified into an ordeal.

The Volvo died, but the part came in early this morning that should fix it for now and it can finish dying when the van is paid off.  That seems fair to me.  I have spent a while talking to it this week, but the battery is not in it, so I don't know if it can understand my explanation of why it needs to last another 6 months, and that another year would be even better.  There was drama regarding the part, and the company car-stuff dot com has given me a grand run-around.  More on that later, no doubt.

The kids got feedback from the directors of Alice that was fairly glowing, Jake needs to work on getting his lines exactly right so there are no missed cues, but otherwise it was all things you'd want to hear other people say about working with your kids.  : )

The problem with Alice is that even when there's dialogue, it's nonsense.  There's no logical flow of a conversation, I did not realize how confusing and difficult learning lines would be in that situation.  It's almost like toddlers with excellent vocabularies engaged in parallel play.  That's when littles sit together and take turns talking, but they are not engaged in the same activity, one may be carrying on a conversation about trucks while the other chats about farm animals.  Alice: the Parallel Play.

Jake absorbing some inspiration from the white rabbit

Let's see.  Sunday was A Bad Day, Monday I spent a few hours researching what we could do with the Volvo to fix it, Tuesday Matt took off work and we ran around seeking opinions.  I had been in touch with 3 different 'will come to you' mechanics on Craigslist and while they ALL got back with me right away, they all 3 totally crapped out on actually showing up!  I even settled on repair prices with the first guy. 

We went to the orthodontist Tuesday afternoon to pick up Jake's new retainer-keep in mind it's been 6 weeks since the old one broke.  They had sent off the WRONG KID'S TEETH to cast the retainer.  There was a note on his chart that he had a broken tooth-which was barely chipped and has been fixed for 2+ months.  So when the assistant was looking for the teeth to send, she picked up a set from another kid that day that had a tooth actually broken off.  So now I have to go BACK and pick it up next week.

My new glasses

Wednesday, I already blogged about with photos, Thursday was payday, which always helps tip things toward the positive spectrum.  I got billed again Thursday morning for Jake's oral surgery back in April, which I JUST got notice from the insurance company that it was all paid for (other than the un-cool grand I had to chip in).  But the oral surgeon's office was actually helpful this time and told me to disregard the bill!  In fact, I should be getting a $61 refund because I overpaid on my portion!

I feel I overpaid WAY the hell more than $61, but that's at least something.  It can pay for my Pizza Luncheon Plan.  Which my LAME FRIENDS have not gotten behind yet, but they'll be sorry they missed out.  Driving 3 hours to Atlanta to look at an Ikea store, seen as a good idea.  Driving 3 hours to eat pizza that I have heard is the most awesome in the whole state, seen as early onset dementia.  I got 'the look' from a woman who once drove me and 5 innocent children across 2 other states to buy a camper she did not even have a jack for.

my new sunglasses.  And very dirty bathroom mirror.
I bought the 2 pairs of glasses in the above shots a couple weeks ago from eye buy direct dot com for under $40 for both pairs, shipped.  I have been happy with them, especially for the price I paid.  I do wish I could have seen the frames in person (and on my face) instead of online, but for under $20 for the frames and lenses, I am not complaining.  I like the black framed glasses, they are very geek girl.

In the final good news category, a friend from high school I have missed very much has been in contact with Matt via FB just this morning (I am not searchable) and just friended me! I am looking forward to catching up and getting to know what all has happened in the past 20 years! 

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