Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Impromptu Lunch

We were supposed to go to Heather's for a swim party, but she had to cancel due to illness.  I had bought a ton of sweets to make dokobobs and I needed help getting it eaten before the ants found it!  So I sent the invite for anyone who wanted to brave the ants to come on out.  Suzette, Karen and Michelle came over with their kiddos around noon and we had a big snack-fest since everyone had bought snack foods for having at the pool. 

Suzette brought out a big batch of tomaters as well!

I set up the dokobob station on the island so the ants would not attack it right away.

The less sugary options were on the table so we could snack on fruit and veggies.

Yummer!  In case you wondered what a dokobob is, I am sure I am spelling it wrong, but that's okay.  We watched Death Note last week and L made a few of these, it's just a series of sugary snacks on a stick!

It was a fun time just hanging out together, the afternoon seemed to fly by, it was 4 hours later before we knew it!  There were some thunderstorm concerns, but they just came and went without very much fanfare.  We made plans to get together again soon before everyone is back in school mode!

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