Friday, May 3, 2013

A True Story

At Southern Accents in Cullman on what may or may not be our 16th anniversary.

Today we had to get a copy of our marriage certificate because the original is....????.  I was looking at it and said, "That's odd!  Daddy dated it for the 2nd and our anniversary is the 3rd!"  Daddy performed our wedding.

Matt said, "Did they date it at the courthouse, we went in the day before to get our license."

Me, "I don't know.  Did we get married on the 2nd?" 

Matt, "It was on a Saturday."

Me, "I thought it was a Friday."

Matt, scrolling on his phone calendar.  Hands it off when traffic starts moving again.

Me, verifying, "Well, the 2nd was a Friday and the 3rd was Saturday."

Matt, "Oh...God."

So, maybe we were married 16 years ago yesterday?  Maybe it was today.  Either way.

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