Friday, May 10, 2013

Good News Friday

Jake got to have friends over today, he was so happy he was dancing in the yard before they got here.  It worked out very well because one was able to pick up the other on the way here, so I did not have to do anything! YAY!

I took the van to a real shop and got the AC recharged and had them add the dye to check for leaks.  It checked out fine and they could find no leak in the hour they worked on it, but was nearly totally out of freon, so I think there's a loose hose somewhere.  Still, it will be easier and cheaper to find and fix than if some major component had gone out.  They were not at all surprised it was over 2 pounds low, though in my mind, it's a closed system, I could see over 7 years SOME of it getting out, but not nearly ALL of it.  I only added a small can a couple weeks ago and it worked until anyway, maybe it's fixed or has enough to last the whole summer.  Good news: it works for now.

I downloaded 5 books onto the Nook to take camping and proceeded to read 3 of them this week.  I am a glutton.  But the good news is that one of the books I really wanted to get and had to be put on the wait list has come up and I can get it before we head out.  So, yay.

Before Jake's friends came over, I moved the BAGS of food off the kitchen table and put them in here next to my desk along with a couple sodas.  Teen boys will eat anything and I just finished the shopping for the trip, I don't want to go back and get anything else.  There's other food in there they can have at.  This afternoon, the internet guy came out to check our connections and radio as our connection has been REALLY crap of late.  He used MY computer and only after he left did I realize I had 6 big brown paper bags full of food, 5 of them with some kind of chip or cookie bag coming out the top and a small stockpile of sodas all around my desk like I am some kind of gluten free goodie hoarder.  Hopefully he noticed the camping gear and the 4 big bags of fruit by the front door.  Good news:  Internet is a little better.  The radio antenna was pointed at the ground.

Netflix has FINALLY come through.  Remember that, nearly 3 weeks ago when some idiot hacked my account?  Well, I got my new debit card in that same week, which was a minor miracle.  Then the next week I got an e-mail with a form I had to print out, sign and MAIL in to Netflix to verify it's me.  That took 5 days to get to them and get processed.  Then on the 30th, they cleared my account and allowed me to restart my subscription, which I did and BAM, had to pay for the full month up front, which I had JUST paid 4 days before my account was put on hold by THEM.  Then on the 3rd, I got the notice that I would get the next dvd in my queue as soon as possible.  By the 7th, it STILL had not mailed, so I called.  My account was still on hold in the computer!  After I was done chatting, they had refunded last month's total-which cleared today-and had my next dvd in the mail right then.  So, yay.

That's it!  

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