Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home Again

Last Sunday, we headed out to camp for a few nights and returned Friday, then proceeded to go through a combination of eating too much, sleeping too much and doing lots of laundry.  I finally put a stop to that and we got the camper unloaded and the house clean and everything squared away, did the shopping for the week and took the recycling.  And put on actual clothing.

This afternoon, I made a fan tent and crawled in to read a while and everyone else played on their computers.  Nia had a bath, which sent her into a major funk, everyone put their hats and shoes and flashlights where they go.  It was not a super busy day!  Or week for that matter, it was the least-doing-anything trip we have ever had.

This next week is shaping up to be pretty lax for us, just one day out so far.  It's Matt's 'long' week at work, made longer by some transitions going on that I have been assured are 'nothing for me to worry about'.  The next week looks lovely-a 3-day work week and a year-end homeschool swim that should be pretty awesome.  I have some plans that are falling into place for next month as well, I am liking the easy pace of things at the moment, the very low level of stress.

I am off to get back in my tent-bed and read a few more chapters before someone realizes it's time to start thinking about dinner!  We are still going mostly GF for now, though I did buy a regular loaf of bread for the kids to make sandwiches.  I have only have one round of gluten in the past 7 weeks and I was sick to my stomach and had a raging headache the whole evening-which may mean nothing at all as the privet is blooming and a dozen other things that could be attributed to making me feel blah. 

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