Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Ben and Chandler have spent the last few days swapping rooms.  After Jake moved himself to the back porch last year, Ben no longer needs the bigger bedroom.  So, being a good brother, he offered to swap with Chan, who was crammed in the smaller room. 

I helped some, but mainly stayed out of the way.  Ben has come in with sorted bags of toys he either wants to get rid of or store in the attic, Chan has packed up one toy after another.  This afternoon she brought in Jennifer Claire, her 'My Twin' doll I bought when she was 9.  I had it hand painted to not just have freckles like hers, but to have the same pattern.  Nearly all the girls name their dolls after themselves, but Chan insisted the doll's name was Jennifer Claire.  When I first opened the box and saw her face, I cried.  She was perfect.  Chan played with her for years, amassed quite a wardrobe, too.  As I combed out the doll's hair and laid her in the box for storage, placing her clothes around her in acid free paper wrappings, I put the last bundle over her face and shut the lid.  And it hit me.

The reason moms miss so many of 'the last' things their children do is because knowing every one would break our hearts.

Jennifer Claire goes to Washington DC

Jennifer Claire on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Jennifer Claire geocaching outside St. Louis
She's been to 14 states and Disney World with us.  I can't believe how much I am going to miss her being around the house.  I know growing up is the goal, but it's hard.

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