Friday, May 24, 2013

Good News Friday

Last week camping interfered with my good news Friday.  :)  I am trying to be a little more thankful and aware of what's going right, so I am trying to hit this post as many weeks as I can.

Let's see, I am thankful for the library system, I know it comes up often, but it's SUCH a fabulous and useful thing, I can't help but be grateful. Which leads me to my next thing, which is well-written books, useful and informative books and the ability to teach yourself.

Okay, on to good news.  Jeremy from Cyber came yesterday and moved our antenna, which brought back the internets to our house-it crapped out 3 days last week and 2 this week.  He was yet another super nice employee of theirs, other than the woman answering phones, I have never had a bad experience with them.  And they JUMP on problems, I called around 11 and left a message and he pulled up at 2 and worked until after 5.

Ben got out of rubber bands AND they took out his bite plate at the orthodontist this week.  I hope that means the traction is working and his jaw is moving!  They don't tell me anything unless it's time to pay more money.   His teeth look amazing already.

Matt gets off early today and has a 3 day weekend followed by a 3 day work week followed by another 3 day weekend.  Score!  We are going on a date tonight, too.  (and if that date involves all 3 kids, picking up groceries and running to Lowe's then skippy)
The weather today is awesome, it's perfect.

I have 4 books waiting for me to read.  I have my hammock on the porch, I have a new Backpacker AND Mother Earth News still warm from the mailbox that I have not cracked open yet, True Blood disc 2 is in the mail, the last disc of Fringe just arrived today. 

I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms top to bottom.  It took nearly 3 hours to scrub and get disinfectant and what-not in all the nooks and crannies and get everything really clean.  I was inspired by a police investigation I was reading about in which the mother was cleared as a suspect in her family's murder in no small part because she kept behind the toilets clean.  Apparently that kind of devotion indicates a good mum and not a bad one.  At any rate, I'm good for a few days.  hahaha

And that's it for now.  I know I am missing good things that have happened, but that's okay.  Another good thing is that I am all grown up and this is my own blog and I don't really have to do more with it than please myself.  : )  And post pictures.

I have spent the week focused on being happy where I happen to be, and a big part of that is being comfy.  So, I made a fan tent last weekend, which has morphed over the week to become a huge ordeal with lights and extra pillows.  I love it.  hahaha

Also, lounging on the porch to read, major pay-off for getting my to-do list completed.
Yesterday, Wonder wanted to join me, which led to Nia piling on, she really really wants the kitties to play with her more.  But the kitties don't like being stood on or getting their tails yanked.  I need to get her a goat to knock around with.

I have been walking most afternoons with the dogs, mainly to get Jessie moving more-though I have to admit getting ME moving more is not entirely a bad idea.  Yesterday I toted the camera along, planning to get a shot of the yellow/white/purple combo of sweet pea, honeysuckle, vetch and buttercup in bloom, but did not like any of the shots I took of the whole affair, I do well with single subject nature shots but don't seem to be able to capture a field the way I 'see' it.  Something new to work at, maybe.

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