Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Day One: Swimming Fun!

Okay, so I went into this weekend feeling sorry for myself, but, as I imagined, my inner Pollyanna came out and kicked some draggy inner hiney.  I swear, I would be the WORST emo goth girl.  Though I look awesome in black lipstick, so that's kind of sad in and of itself.  See?  I can be a gloomy and stuff.  !

I called Beth over at Garnett's in Hartselle, my new go-to 'OMG, A NOISE' place to take the van.  256-773-8881. Seriously, they are SO nice.  I told her about the check-engine light and about the trouble I have had getting a new air intake hose (which is what makes the light go on) and she said she'd call me back, so about an hour later, she had 2 solutions, both under $100.  I go Monday and get that taken CARE OF.  Jake said, "If the light comes on after this, THEN you can panic."  She assured me the van was okay to drive this weekend, so Friday morning, I packed some fruit and water bottles and hummus and crackers and we hit the road to Deb's house on the Mulberry Fork River.

We had a picnic style lunch and everyone kind of nommed on each others stuff then we headed to the river.  They have the best swimming hole and we had a blast.  The kids floated down the rapids and swam in the pool and generally had a really good time.  I enjoyed myself as well, floating around in my chair and then swimming a while myself.  The adults got to chat a good while and the kids ended up in their usual huddle, chatting away out in the middle of the creek.  At one point they broke into song, singing the Iko Iko song, it was a little surreal.
Deb took this one!

This is me, Deb or maybe Gina took it, with Deb's waterproof Canon which I covet like a neighbor's wife and probably will do penance in the afterlife for it.

I took this using her camera as well as the next 2

NiaBee was the happiest dog in the Universe with the water and the sand bar and the water and the sand bar.  Between swimming, digging and rolling around, she was nearly crazy with happy.

She's actually sliding downhill upside down, like a drunk otter.

After the swim, which seemed to last about 20 minutes but was really more like 3.5 hours, we had to head home to pick up Matt.
We had intended to go to the drive in and see World War Z and Man of Steel over in Boaz, about an hour and a half away.  Deb told us about Boogie Bottoms, which is less than an hour! I had never heard of them before! They were playing the same movies at the same rate, SCORE!
We zipped home and got changed and Matt took a very short snooze and then we were off to the drive in!  The Lackey's had hung out with Deb a while longer and then headed on over early to get a good spot. 
We parked and headed over with our gear-mainly loads of pillows and blankets!

The girls both screamed, "IS THAT AN APOSTROPHE!? Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

 I liked this drive-in, it's very laid back and on the river, so if you get there early, you can play in the water!  They have a playground and jumpy castle and concession stand and they don't care if you bring in food or your dog.

It was such a great night!  I admit to snoozing during the last movie, but it was a long day!  :)

PERFECT first day of summer!  Plus, the check engine light went off on the way home from Deb's!  Woot woot. 

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