Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Day Eight: Create, Create, Create!

I woke up this...afternoon with a great idea.  The reason I slept so long is because I spent the whole night in the hammock on the porch with an idea rattling around in my head-I watched the sun come up and when it was too bright to pretend I could fall asleep out there, I came in.  The idea grew in my sleep and burst forth upon me finally waking up and some got on Chandler and now we have been sitting for  hours with pens and paper, creating a world and a back story for our characters.  I have not been this full of 'it' in a long time, that feeling that I am making something.  I am jotting notes like mad, she is drawing the main characters, I am mapping their world out, the ideas are flowing and the story is evolving and growing, it's the best feeling.

Today we are staying home, I ran errands yesterday and got us all set for the weekend so we can stay holed up for days if we want!  I picked up the hose for the van and put that on last night, I hope I can now report no more check engine light, ever again. 

We had a big huge salad for lunch and I made a batch of spaghetti and we had picked up some new goodie like a pizza roll, but made with garlic bread and stuffed with mozzarella.  THAT was a win.  The last disc of True Blood came in the mail for Matt and me to watch tonight, the boys and Matt are playing a new game together that involves a LOT of running back and forth and yelling.  I am going to set the kids up with pogo sticks to go from room to room, I think it will be quieter.

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