Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Week One: Matt's 30's are DONE

Matt's 40th is today, he had to work, but has a 3-day weekend starting tomorrow and a 4-day weekend next week, so we are planning a few things.  It's been an emotional week and yesterday there was a brutal lay-off at his job.  It got the usual suspects-the chronic late/'sick' and the ones who can't keep up as well as some total surprises.  People he has worked with for years, good people.  A few days away from all of that is what he needs most, a chance for the dust to settle over the weekend, next week everyone can get their footing after the changes and take on their new responsibilities and the week after starts the new 'normal'.

So today I made a triple fudge cake and while it was cooling, melted chocolate chips over the top then iced with a triple fudge icing.  Comfort food is what I am saying here. 

We had a huge taco salad for dinner with seasoned chicken, chickpeas, black beans, fresh avocado and salsa, spinach leaves, Heluva Good dip (we love that stuff!) and shredded cheese.  So yummy!  Matt ate and went straight to bed, we had to wake him up for cake at 8 so the kids would not eat it without him. 

Waiting through the birthday song.  So...sleepy...

*clap clap clap*

I think his wish was to get right back to bed, because that's where he ended up, poor guy!  I guess it was a happy birthday, it was horrible timing at work and the end of a really rough week, hoping the long weekend will help him bounce back a little and maybe we can have a 'real' celebration next weekend when things at work have settled.

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