Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Day Four: Waiting Some More

  Went to get my new hose put on and it did not work.  She's having to order the more expensive option and it will be in in a few days.  *sigh*

Hung out with my father all day, we had lunch-the man had NEVER been to Chick-Fil-A before.  HOW?  I got him set back up with his Kindle to download books, but I am planning to buy him a Nook ASAP.  Kindle is CRAP.  It's too difficult by a margin of about 90%, you have to log on to the library site, select your book, click to check it out, then it reroute through another site that sends you to Amazon where you have to log in to actually download it and then it MAY go to the Kindle, it may download onto your computer and you have to plug in the Kindle and transfer the file manually.  Daddy is 74, that's too many steps-not because he's not intelligent, but because he's flat out unfamiliar with computers and it's not something he's ever done before.  He can't remember the steps.  With the Nook, I tap on the library app, tap on the book I want, tap download and it's on there.  His Kindle, you have to use an arrow button to navigate and then click when you get where you are going.  It takes me 10 minutes to remember how to work it.  It's not intuitive in the least.

He gave Jake his Harley jacket:

Jake loves it and is mad that it is summer and he can't wear it everywhere.

Found out my brother's wife's daughter from a previous marriage, so technically my niece, is in hospice and has been given a short time to live.  She has lived her whole life with a genetic abnormality (I know there is a better way to word that...), it's not unexpected, but it still is unfair.  No one should have to go through losing a child and no person should have to shoulder dying so young.

We got our 'Cops on Top' banner and will be leading the team to the highest point in the state to honor fallen police officers, it's going on across the country.  The team so far is us, as no actual police officers ever stepped forward to participate and none of our friends have opted to join us. 

Matt's camera is indeed dead, so he has been going NON STOP about camera options.  I mean NON STOP.  NON STOP.  He can go on for 3-4 hours at a time, with websites and stats and I honestly have never seen him research anything like he has been his next camera purchase.  I am nuts already.  OH: Update, he used the Vitality points to buy a new one.  It's red.  Now he's obsessed that he's going to find some feature he hates and keeps saying, "I bought a RED camera."  I will be glad when this whole "I took ALL my electronics in a canoe" thing is behind us.  He finally admitted it was a dumb idea, so there's that...

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