Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good News Wednesday!

I know! 

There's so much good going on, I have to make my happy list early.  Not bad for a slow summer!

We replaced the fridge and I hope the new one lasts many years.  Now I need to borrow a truck or trailer to get a load to the dump!

I got the van AC fixed today, the parts were only $3.50.  Got the oil changed too.  That was a huge relief, the freon WAS leaking, from the Schrader pins.  They saved me $240 on parts!

The restructuring at work is going well, Matt is now working under/reports to Bill and their boss is the guy who gave them such a strong commendation last year.  So that could hardly have gone any better at all.  Well, throwing in a raise would have been sweet.

I got a haircut today:

The good news is, I could hardly be cuter.
Feeling I have reached the apex of adorable
I can now just let myself go.  What a relief.

Swimming tomorrow and exploring a new area with friends.

Marking another thing off my list:  going tubing at the lake!  Plus, nachos.

It's Matt's long weekend, and it should be much cooler out, hoping to get outside and be active, maybe get some hiking in!  Or, at least mow. 

What I need now is an underwater camera.  Yes.

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