Sunday, August 31, 2014

The week

Highlights from this rainy Sunday include Ben telling Chandler "Come join us" and she heard "You walrus" and hilarity ensued.  She did not think he was being mean, they were both just confused the further the conversation progressed.

At the moment the four of them are in the basement singing along to the Beatles so loudly I can barely think to type!  I am upstairs watching the mist roll off the hills and the hummingbirds fight at the feeder.  They are kind of violent!  I've only had a few at the house this summer because I can't keep wasps away from the feeders and wasps will nail Matt.  I have seen them fly in from nowhere, sting him and leave.  So being swooped and on occasion nailed by tiny birds has been a new experience.  I was observing Matt redoing the wiring on the trailer hitch this morning between storms and one popped me in the head, Matt said it sounded like a Mac truck!  It's one of those terrifying/delightful things.  In the medicine wheel, hummingbird is the symbol for joy.

Here are a few shots, other than running to get a few groceries and seeing Maleficent at the discount theater Friday and a couple runs home, one overnight, we have not been doing much this week.  On Thursday we were heading to dance and Jake RUSHED (I am putting a ban on anything over a slow walk) outside and peeled the side of his foot on the rock patio when he went flying off the deck.  UGH.  So we have not even seen friends all week.

Ben's hair!

Mr. Bones jumping off the dock

My foot, not healed. It hurts in 3 distinct places, 6 weeks from the incident.  That bruised bit, my shin and across the top of my foot where it meets the ankle.
The bruise was purple and green, I am not sure if black is better or worse.  The bruise darkens at the end of the day.


Long exposure of the dogs wrestling.  This one Nia is running back and forth and Mars is watching her go.

Slowed down with the flash, even more scary!

Mars attempts to absorb Nia and her powers.

Tallulah on Tire

Geocaching around the mountain in a break in the rain.

I got out to help and ended up in the mud!

Finally found it!

Back at the house, the rain hit again, we are going to watch a movie later and have some nachos.  In the meantime, Chandler has found a pun book.  Help.

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