Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tubing from Swann Bridge to Powell Falls

After the Panther Run, we grabbed lunch and decided to go check out the conditions for a float trip.  Gina and Jeff had to head back and Kurt and his crew were meeting up with their family at the beach, so Melanie and Ben joined us for the afternoon.

We arrived at Swann Bridge and it was PACKED.  We had to park way up the hill from the river, but the water levels looked great!  We got our floats ready and hopped in ASAP.

The water level was 1.9 and it was agreed it needs to be closer to 2.5 next time.  A little bumping went on betwixt rumps and rocks!  The flow was slow, too, we ended up paddling down the still bits, which were many.  It was still a REALLY pretty float trip, the bluffs alongside reached 60 feet high in places and there were many sandy beaches to pull over at.

There was one feeder stream and that water was COLD!  We scooted over to check it out and along with the stream flowing in, there were several springs popping up in the river itself nearby, some so strong they were making a little jet.  We took turns floating over those and freezing our hineys and screaming.

I wore my shoes in the creek, then walked back barefoot.  Carrying my shoes.  So did Ben.  We talked about that this morning-WHY? hahaha!

Elan uses the 2 hour float to try a new look.

Powell Falls is a double falls with a wide flat rock between the cascades.  The water falls about 8 feet, it's probably a 4 foot drop if you just jump off into the pool below.

When we arrived there were guys fishing off the rock. They pointed out a 'water moccasin' and got in their canoe and kept going.  We went to check out the snake-Northern water snake.

Talking about the snake!

I could not decide on which I liked more.  The bottom one has Benny in the middle!

We play with the cameras.

Sitting in waterfalls is a major favorite event around here.  We were happy that Young Ben was just as into it!

The boys quickly headed to the bigger, faster falls to sit a while as well.

You can float on down and get out at a bridge crossing further down, but we opted to just hike back since there was a trail.  It's EASY to follow from the falls until THIS point above.  You see the bridge and think, "nearly back!  Wow, that was like 20 minutes!" and then the rocks happen and it's just as long to get through this stretch as it was to walk the mile from the falls!  Matt was way ahead of me and crossed the river and walked on the other side.  We slogged through the rock scramble.

Next time, I will cross over, too!  GAH!

It was a really fun trip and the walk back, other than the rocks, was flat and easy going.  I'd love to head back early in the morning and stay allll day so we could stop and play on some of the beaches!  That stretch needs some rock art.  

Drama cloud!

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