Sunday, June 14, 2015

Panther Run 2015

This year worked out for several folks to join in on the mud race, we had 2 teams-the Sriracha and Wasabi Mud Cats!  The team color was decided on (I will let you figure that one out) and the race time was set at 8:30.  That turned out to be really good because it was REALLY hot!  I heard the water obstacles cooled off the runners but us plodders were baking, yo.

There were a few new obstacles this year, 8 or so (making 32 total), and one was the fire wall!  The smoke did something to my light meter, my camera was having none of it.  I salvaged a few shots, Chan took some and they turned out better, so I am adding them, too!

I totally think that pool was for in case someone caught on fire!
There was a guy walking around with a blood transfusion kit, too.  Aaaaaaa

This cracked me up, they were in such 'team' mode that Alex is trying to help haul Kurt out of the 3 inches of water.

The mud smelled SO bad.  Not QUITE like septic, but a close second.

The kids were well prepped for this obstacle from doing it on the ninja course at Shakalaka!

More running!  The course went backward from last year, this is the top of the long final hill that nearly killed everyone.  I think this year, they added a couple more of those!

Chan's shots above and below! 

This is roughly the halfway point in the race 

Last run, just the cargo net, muddy tires and the finale slide left!

Alex was yelling for Emma to roll, it was faster and she said, "I think I've got this!"  She danced across the netting like Legolas on snow.

The kid would have been done half an hour faster if they had just run on their own, but they were happy to wait and get there together. 

At the top of the finish line slide, discussing strategy, at which point Elan just went for it.

Emma dove after him, whoosh.
It was a free for all then.

Mmmm, pond water, sweat and soap!  Oh, and MUD.

Kurt waits for the landing area to be clear of kids and...

Crossing the finish line!!






More team bonding as they hosed each other down

Matt makes it across the line!

Gina finishes!
Jeff had started the race with  her and made the smart decision to stop running when his knee started hurting.

Melanie and Ben come in just a couple minutes later, it was Ben's first race!  He turns 10 this week!!

Awesome job, guys!

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