Monday, June 29, 2015

Cops on Top 2015

Well, we had a good number of folks signed up to join us on Saturday and had to move the event to Sunday due to rain.  So it was just us this year, even fewer of 'us' as the boys stayed home.

Matt and Chan and I headed to Cheaha around 11, getting there just before 2 and grabbing a snack from our stash.  I set up the tripod and adjusted that and they handled the banner.  At 2 exactly, we got the shot, put the tripod and banner away and climbed the tower!

I have no shots from inside the tower because there are lines and cables from the surrounding towers in the way of every view.

We walked the 1/4 mile trail to Bald Rock and enjoyed the views.
It was sunny, but the recent rain lowered the temps and humidity.  It was a perfect afternoon!

A geocache or two...

Then off to check out the Pinhoti.  I am looking forward to tackling this trail soon!

Many, many bear sightings this year!  None by me.

The entry is lovely, lots of prints pressed into the stones and leaves and flowers pressed into the tiles that make up the trailhead archway.

The turkey track is the symbol for the Pinhoti.

Backlit, but gorgeous!  I will be back, arched entry!  

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