Monday, June 22, 2015

Staycation 2015

Stayed at Kurt and Katy's for the week, enjoyed the quiet and the views and Matt enjoyed the shorter commute to work.

The dogs had a big week wrestling, barking and running like crazy beasts.

Of course, we had to hit the pool a time or two!

The view from the pool deck is better than the one from the overlook I walked 10 miles to see.  hahaha  So much for that saying that's been going around the hiking groups about 'the hardest climbs having the best views'.  Sometimes, you can drive right to them.

The week passed quickly, Thursday the kids had an appointment at noon, so off we went to meet friends for lunch beforehand.  And...BAM.  They were repainting the stripes in the road.  ACK.  Good thing we had the time to spare!

Waiting to hear back from that, it was an interview for positions at a new store opening up this fall.  Fingers crossed!  Hoping that they get hired AND that it's after our vacation!

We headed home Saturday after lunch and got things squared away here.  Matt had come by after work Tuesday and I came by on Thursday just to check on water levels for the big dogs and the cats.  It's been MISERABLY hot.

His buddy Bill is moving, so we also came home with at least a dozen Stephen King novels and the movies!  And a copy of The Breakfast Club.  LOL

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