Thursday, June 11, 2015

Poolin Around

Last night was our social event of the season, $5 night at the Aquatic Center!
They added a new slide this year, you go 30 MPH and shoot out 5 feet above the water.

Ben watching Chan launch


Ben himself

There were 5 girls and both Bens and that was it!  Last summer some 100 folks showed up for our night
Too bad for everyone else, it was a perfect night to be at the pool!
There is another one in July, I imagine it will be packed.

The other slides into the kiddie pool

Melanie again



We had a great time, went to get $5 combos afterward and slowly turn to ice in the AC.
THEN Chan got a shake.  ACK.
I drove home with the heater on.

The changing room has a tiny water extractor, you put your suit in, shut the lid and about 30 seconds later, it's DRY.  That was the best thing about the whole night, hahaha!

Murph says. "Just come on in!" and Nia says, "Yeah.  Come on in."

Someday I will have a lovely entryway, but the old cattle gate is working for now.  Keeps the bad dogs out and the slightly better dogs mostly in.

Murphy is sporting his bark collar because he is a naughty dog!  It beeps many times before it zaps him, I don't think he's reached zap point yet.  He can't stop barking at the cats or rabbits or the big dogs-heaven forbid Kuma actually stand up!  He barks at the door until it opens, at us for attention (read:demanding treats for zero effort) and so on.

We tried for a full month and he was able to calm down SOME, but that first beep chilled him like nothing else.  He was like, "Oh, a beep noise.  I should be still and quiet now."  It worked so well that we can often just put a bandanna on him and he is just as chill.  Damn weirdest dog I have ever seen.  He will almost at random just leave.  Hit the road and keep going.  I have had to get in the van and follow him 4 times now, so I ordered a tag for him as I am done chasing him through yards while he waits just long enough for me to get close before dashing another quarter mile.  I transposed the digits in my phone number when I ordered the engraving.  Maybe that person will want him. ha!

Also, if you have a 'dogs on premises' sign that means you have dogs in the yard or house.  A 'beware of dog' sign can be used in court as prior knowledge that your dog is dangerous if it happens to bite someone.

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