Thursday, November 10, 2011


Jake passed his permit test today, I am so excited!  And a little freaked, but mostly the excited bit.  To be honest, I did not think he would pass it the first time.  It was a new situation, he's never been tested for anything and the women in there talked the whole time-he has always needed it quiet to concentrate.  When he came out, he was teary-eyed and I thought, "oh well, next time" and went to offer comfort and he blinked and said, "They made me pay them $23.50 for my card!"  hahahaha!

To be horribly honest, I did not think he would pass because *I* had not quizzed him.  hahaha!  He did all the studying and prep on his own, so there was really no way he could have passed, since he had never been taught study skills.  : P

I was delighted and talked about it for the next hour, saying wow and being amazed and telling him it was a huge right of passage and so on.  Finally he turned and started rubbing my back and gently said, "Mom, you have to let this go." 

On the way home, I let him get a Whopper and fries and a Coke with the corn syrup and everything and then we checked the mail and he got a birthday card with $50 in it.  And the next disc of Supernatural.  He thinks his karma is on high today. 

I stopped at the thrift store and got 4 pairs of pants, 2 fit and 2 are too small.  That won't be an issue for long.  Woot!  I got 3 shirts, 2 fit and one is Chan's size.  I just liked the pattern and it was an L so I tossed it in.  Too bad it was a girls L.  She loves it at least.  : )  I needed more clothes, I sent another bag off yesterday of things that were too big!

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