Monday, November 14, 2011

Memory Lane...

 Heather and I met the first skate day, January2005!  One of the first things we did together was get the Junior Ranger badge at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.  G was 9 months, Carson was 3, Austin was 6.

This is the Swamp Stomp in May of 2005!  We met Karen S and Katy here!!
Brad was 8!  Alex was 5, Emma was 3 and Owen was a half.

We met Amanda in February of 2007
Rho was 8 and Elan 6

This is the first time I met Karen and Keilee!  Kei was not in the picture, but they were at OTW that day.  This was Fall of 2007.  Kei was 7.

The first play we saw Kei in!  I think we have seen every play since then.  : )  Britney and Cody were in the play, too, but we did not know them yet!

This is the day we met Suzette!  It was March, 2008
Emily was 10 and Zachary was 5.

This is the day we met Cathy and Kaitlin!  It was May of 2008 and Katlin was 11.

This is the day we met Gina and Bobby.  It was August 2008.
Britney was 9, Cody was 7.

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