Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week End

It's been an interesting week around here.  I finally got going on my nano story and while I am still behind on the daily word count, I think I will probably get there by the end of the month.  I was flying along when I was inside my characters head, but now she's interacting with other people and I find that to be one of the most difficult things to write.  I find it pretty difficult IRL at times, too.  Most conversations linger beyond the actual point, out of politeness I imagine.  It's not easy to write yammer because 90% of what's said is just filler.

I have been going to the store to pick up one item, maybe some bread.  I wander through and listen to what people are saying to each other.  It's rarely more than time-passing, not even an exchange of information.  I can't decide if they are trying to work up to a point or just trying to get on with their day, so they are being nice and chit-chatting for a bit to disengage themselves from the situation. 

At any rate, the top news story of the week is that as of Sunday, the heat is working again.  On Thursday, Jake passed his permit test on the first go and yesterday, he drove all the way to town, he did very well.  We had a really nice past couple of days hanging out.  Got the grocery shopping done, dropped off clothes and recycling, walked a few miles, had lunch at Chic-Fil-A, we walked all over the pasture gathering wild plants to make teas. 

Matt and I walked last night and gathered sumac from around the field at the walking trail. It's been fun to look around and see everything that's still growing.  I have issues with the fall and winter as things die off and it's all brown and gray and evergreen.  I just needed a new way to look at things.

Yesterday, Nettlevan hit 123,456 miles.  I took a picture.

It makes me sad to know she's getting to the point that we need to start thinking of the next vehicle.  I am hoping to get 200k at least from her.  I had a Mitsubishi that was at 311k before it was totaled (not by me) and the model Kia I have came out in Europe 2 years before it came out here and they are hitting 180k regularly on the boards, so I have hope.  It's been a great vehicle, everything that has gone wrong with it has been a direct result of user error.  Just oil changes, brakes and tires.  The headlights are a PITA about blowing, but that's hardly a deal breaker.  I would get this car again, no hesitations.  : )

Today, we are hauling out Poppy to clean her up and get her closed down for the season.  I bought a big tarp yesterday and new straps so we can keep her covered all winter. 

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