Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday we went to town for the afternoon.  Library and then orthodontist, where I found out we were down to $1600 left on Chan's braces (woot!) and Jake needs his wisdom teeth pulled (crap!).  Every time he calls me back to talk, it's money.  We have about 5 months to get it done at least.

Lunch, another library, a hike...well, stroll, at Rainbow Mountain and then a movie with Cathy.

We saw Fright Night, which was great.  Maybe just because I really like Anton Yelchin and David Tennant or maybe because I really loved the original back in...1985.  hehehe!  I know I did not see it until it came to cable, which we did not have, but my friends did.  So probably 13 when I saw it first?
Chris Sarandon made a it a cameo when they are on screen for more than 30 seconds?  Anyway, he was in a scene.  He was the original Jerry Dandridge, the neighbor/vampire, in the...well, original movie.  He also played Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride, another favorite movie from my youth.  He's also the same age as my mother.  He'll be 70 next year! 
Anyway, enough of personal flashbacks, I am thinking ahead today. 

3 pounds left to get to 40 pounds lost!  At a new low today, which is surprising because I ate candy yesterday and the day before and did not walk.
I have the new Joe Hill book, Horns.
Joe Hill and Joss Whedon are both named for Joseph Hillman.

The guy from the heating and cooling place will be here around 11 today.  I feel like this is another one of those 'before and after' moments in the year.  There's before a trip or event-what HAS to be done, and after-what can wait.  There's before someone was sick and after, the things that had to wait.  And now there's before the repair bill and after.  After could be harsh or not-I am simply in limbo, which I can't control, which is making me slightly (very) nuts.
I don't dare plan anything new in case the bill is astronomical.
I can hardly wait until he's gone so I will KNOW, even if it is bad.  I can at least DO something then.  Even if it's freak out a while.

At least the immediate future is no mystery.  Make the bed, check on the kids, straighten the house, feed the pets, brush my hair, put on day clothes, think about Nano, read...wait for the guy to come show me the path to the remainder of the year.

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