Monday, August 13, 2012

Caney Fallses

On Saturday, the weather was so nice, we HAD to get outside.
The kids were wiped out from a late rehearsal the night before, so the boys opted to stay home and lounge around.  Chandler decided it was better to be tired and hike than listen to crabby brothers all day.
I left Ben sitting on the couch staring a hole in the wall and Jake crocheting a new hat.

I used 2 different cameras, so the photos are not in order at all.  Grrr.  Even though I uploaded them in sections so they would be.  Blogger re-arranged them by file name, so they are in the order I pulled them off the cameras instead.

The whole day, we spent hiking and swimming and wading in the creek at Upper and Lower Caney Falls in Bankhead.  We swam at upper Caney twice-hiking in and hiking out, so there are more pics of that.

The whole hike was around 5 miles, an easy walk other than the last drop to the falls-that can be steep coming out!  With the water as low as it was, there was no trouble walking in the creek and climbing around at the falls themselves.

Lower Caney Falls!

Chan sat for half an hour watching the fish come up to nibble on her.
Afterward, she asked if we could go to Captain D's so she could eat some fish.

More shots of lower Caney Falls, we have not walked back to these before, though we started to walk to them last time and turned back-as it so happened, the place we turned around was about 100 feet from the falls!  Grr!

The pool here and at upper Caney are both surprisingly deep in spots, it was over my head in both pools, even though the water levels are low right now.

Upper Caney Falls!

I could not pick color or black and white, so I posted both.

Chan looks like a cat in the shower.

Above and below are my first attempts at really long exposure, they are both 30 second exposures.  Still learning...

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