Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Out on the Town!

Monday we went to try on costumes and to do a little publicity for the play.  We started at the library and the kids did the garden scene, the queen did REALLY well reigning in her 'fit' to keep from scaring the smaller kids. 

After the library, we went to the park and they sang and handed out flyers and enchanted people.  It IS awesome to see a giant white rabbit running around with a king and queen and Alice!  Chandler looked so horrible, that's the point-the Duchess is ugly.  But she had on green and blue eyeshadow and bright lipstick, a pink dress and a blonde curly wig, so the little girls thought she was so pretty!  hahahaha!  Never mind the age lines and the fact that her makeup was hit or miss and she had a huge mole with a HAIR in it.  hahahaha!

I have been hard at work on my 2 little projects I volunteered to take on, building a frame for White Rabbit's house and coming up with a breakable cup that is not dangerous.  The van is crammed full of pvc pipe and fittings for the frame, so after that's put together that will be done.  The cup is proving to be a HUGE pain in the ass.  We need it by Friday, so I am running out of time to concoct something.  Sugar glass is no good-the break down rate is too fast.  It starts to melt and ooze about an hour after it sets.  I cut up a plastic cup and glued it back together, but for the glue to give when it hits the ground, it has to be lighter than what's needed to hold it together.  If that makes sense.  Enough glue to keep it from falling apart when handled is so much that it won't fall apart when it hits the floor. 

So, knowing I got no sewing or crafting skillz, I have opted to fall back on what I can do and that's shoot children. 

The kids are having a blast, though I did have to reassure Chandler than ONE DAY she would get to play a beautiful girl in a play.  : )  It was good being able to get to know some of the other actors better.

We go back today for a work day and tonight is a long rehearsal, I am looking forward to tomorrow and a nice day off to be home and...clean the house.  *sigh*  I need to mow, too. 

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