Monday, August 20, 2012

New Stuff

We have had a good batch of days, the play is going along without much ado and public school started back today, so the world was devoid of other kids when we got out and about.  Ben had an eye appointment at 10, his eyesight is an amazing 20-20.  The doctor said that because he's always been homeschooled, he is probably having problems reading things from across the room just out of lack of practice.  He sent us home with 2 exercises and if that does not help after a month, he has a prescription ready.  Our vision insurance is really good, the whole thing cost me $10.

Our ortho appointment this afternoon went well, too.  Jake has a final record appointment in November and he will be done.  I am not 100% satisfied with his teeth, we both have the same crooked tooth and it makes me feel irritated.  Chandler had a couple broken bands on her braces and they just repaired the wire and left them off.  She's nearly out of her braces, which means oral surgery coming up.  UGH  I dread that so much.  So much that I am considering not even doing braces on Ben.

The boys have started reading and I don't mean now and then, but for at least a couple of hours a day now.

Chan has always read, but it still makes me happy to see her doing it!

 Today we picked up a dragonfruit, we have not had it fresh before and I lucked out and accidentally picked one that was perfectly ripe.  I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking for!
You want a firm fruit that has a little 'give' to it.

 I think it looks like a freaky fish of some kind.

It's very easy to slice open.

 It looks like Oreo ice cream!  But the flavor is super mild.  The seeds are edible.

Just scoop the fruit out with a spoon, it's very soft, like a banana

It reminds me of a kiwi.  It's pretty good and apparently high in fiber and antioxidants! 

All gone!

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