Monday, August 13, 2012


Let's see...the ants are nearly gone, but not quite.  Baiting has helped, but I think winter will be what finally gets them gone for a while.  I hope we can start in the spring with baiting the instant we see the first scout and avoid the whole mess.

The steampunk movie that I got a call about last month?  No further word.  I don't know if they did not want me or if they have gone no further ahead with it or what's going on.  At this point, I am going to assume nothing more will come of it, which stinks.

Alice- Less than 2 weeks left!

Weight loss.  Well, I am still a couple pounds from my previous low point, so after watching what I eat and getting some exercise every single day I am NEARLY back where I started.  Maybe another week and I can start making actual progress again.  I just made an appointment to have that screening thing for our insurance, so I need to get back in gear for that at least.

Last Monday before we went to get ready for the presentation at the library, we went to Bridge Street again so Ben could ride the carousel.  : )

We are doing Chan's hair in buns to help with the wig/hat thing she wears in the play, I think they are SO cute. 

The only other things of local interest-Jake is watching Scrubs on Netflix, our bandwidth usage is up about 20 gig a week at the moment, DSL has finally come to the area and I think people have defected from the company we have been using for 2 years and our connection is better!  

The play starts this week, Friday.  Today and tomorrow are the final dress rehearsals and I need to get photos of everyone for the cast board.  They do a full-costume shot, which is...okay.  I like the headshots of the actors not in costume because I like seeing what they really look like.  You see them in costume on stage.  But, not my call.  

Now that this play is in the final 2 weeks, the kids have been talking about the NEXT play.  Jake wants to try out for one of the local A Christmas Story or A Christmas Carol productions.  I thought we'd be done until spring myself.  Eep.

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