Thursday, August 2, 2012


This week has been very low key.  We have been home all week so far, except today when I went to get an estimate on getting the brakes redone on the Volvo.  There's some cracking involved, rotors and such need replacing, the pads are down to nothing and so on.  I checked it out myself, they were not exaggerating.  I did not go to Mr. Holmes this time, there's a new garage that has opened in the auto parts store. I have done business with the owner for years and have always felt I was getting a fair deal.  He has sent me to another store for a better price almost as often as he has sold me something.  Plus he has talked Matt through a few repairs that we were able to take care of ourselves.  Brakes are not an at-home job, not for our skill set.  So, it goes in Saturday morning at 7:30.  And I will figure a way to work it in the budget.  It's less than it would take to repair Matt if those puppies gave out as he went down the mountain.  WAY less.

Other than watching Breaking Bad, which I swore I would never do because meth is so bad and I think making, selling or using it should be punishable by death-or at LEAST they should have to stand and watch as the police burn their house to the ground, that stuff is toxic.  Bitch. 

Anyway, other than watching BB, I have been just poking around the house, cleaning and organizing some and the kids have been doing their own thing for the most part, though they all started on the 1st (so...yesterday) doing Khan again.  They had taken off June and July from nearly all the online stuff they do to work their brains.  They spent yesterday doing level reviews and today they all leveled up in 3 areas!  I am thrilled with Khan, Jake in particular gets so much out of it.  He's always been an auditory learner, so the videos are perfect for him.

Other than being domestic and reading a great deal (and watching Netflix) I found a website face fun that I have been playing with for about an hour.  See below:

So fun!

Tomorrow starts the long race to the finish for the play, it's the last rehearsal before next week's dress rehearsals and there are a couple of promo events in there that we have to attend.  Jake is male lead as it were, since the character of Alice is 6 and he's a rabbit.  So he has to be at everything in full costume.  That's nearly an hour for his costume and wig and make-up.  3 times a week for 3 weeks-just like ear mite meds!  Oh, and I got asked to do photography and filming.  I have barely ever used video, I guess we will see how that goes.  It's for a 2 minute promo, so maybe I won't be able to screw it up!

The only drama this week, other than the brakes, was today when I got a call from the vets office saying someone had reported having my dog.  I was so excited I start hyperventilating and could not talk.  As I managed to get my voice and get details, they were pleased to say my Husky had been found.  WTF?  She's a 10 pound YORKIE mix.  Needless to say, I tore them a new one and hung up and then cried a while.  At least it did not take as long to stop hoping this time.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with Good News Friday!  I could use a little blessing counting, even if this week was a mild one.

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