Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday, Yes Update and More

Today Jake is 17.  I can't even go into my usual ramblings about the day he was born and how I felt and how awesome he is.  I just want to curl up and squall a while.  One more year and he will be an adult-in age if not in experience and mindset.  While I am proud of the person he is, I also...just...feel...old.  *sigh*

In hindsight, I am totally counting our trip to the drive-in last Thursday as a Yes.  I would not have agreed to go in the cold if I had not been in the mindset to be more agreeable.  And, I had a great time.  It was so creepy being there alone and with just 2 of us, we parked facing the screen and bundled up and occasionally cranked the engine to warm us up.  We both got so worked up that we could not use the bathroom at the drive-in and had to go all the way to McDonald's where there were people and lights.  hahaha

My next Yes is this Saturday when I join a group of photographers for the first time.  I am excited, I think it will be a good move for me, I need to push myself.

The challenge for today from The Hairy Edge is to change up my pattern and I think I am going to do it.  I don't have much of a routine, but I have certain things I want a certain way.  I am not going to change everything, but a few things might get me in a different mindset.  Just this past weekend I took the heavy cover off the window above my bed to wash it and now there is more light, which has been good, I have been up before 7 all week and being busy with getting the house in order and such.  I am not going to plan what to do when I get up tomorrow, I will just see what comes along.  I'd like to say I will get up and do my crunches and then walk on the treadmill first thing instead of putting it off as long as possible, but...I guess I will see.

For today, I am off to get goodies from the grocery store so Jake and his 2 best buddies can stay up most of the night snacking and gaming.  He asked for pizza AND stroganoff and of course, I said yes.  ; )

Last update, I heard back about Charlie today and they are trying to place him in a special needs home.  For now he is not up for adoption and he's staying in an indoor kennel with another dog he has bonded with.  So that's very good news!

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