Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday, The Whole Day

For 2 weeks, I have set aside today for a certain project I have in mind and now that today is here, I have found 900 other things to do instead.  I am not usually so lax, so I have to assume my subconscious knows something I don't.

We started the day by laying in bed, all of us, reading.  Jake is going through the Soul Eater manga, Ben is on the 3rd book of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz and Chan likely read through 3 books this morning.  I downloaded more free ebooks onto the Nook and perused those a while, deleting what did not strike my fancy.

I got one set in Alabama and did not realize until I was reading through it that it was mild erotica.  Involving a ghost and a human.  *yawn*  That whole genre has been done to death.  The human/other thing, I imagine erotica still has some life left in it-too bad half the characters don't!  (ba-dum-dum, ting)  Though...well, okay.  I DO wonder how Edward got Bella pregnant.  With no pulse or need to breathe, I just don't understand the dynamics.  And this is not a sparkle-centric complaint of mine.  Angel and Buffy and Buffy and Spike and I will say no more. 

I will instead, talk about my Nook.  I love it.  Matt's mom has shown me a couple of different e-readers over the years and I was 'meh' about it.  Keep in mind, Matt had to practically beg me to get a computer and I finally relented when he said I could keep recipes on it.  I had no concept of 'online' or e-mail or internet or any of it.  I thought it would be a big waste of money for what I saw as basically a gaming system/file storage unit.  Last week, we bought our 12th computer since that first one so many years ago.  We still don't have a TV hooked up to the outside though, neither of us can see the use in one.

Anyway, back to Nookie (see, life in the genre!).  It's a Nook Color and I bought it from Newegg as a refurb for $109.  I did not even look at other ereaders, but I bought this one because-it's easy to root.  So far, I have not done anything to it, my needs, it appears, are very simple.  I want to click on a book and read it.  It goes online and I can check e-mail and it has games, a music player, I can listen to audiobooks, it holds photos and I can watch Netflix and there's a app to download right from the library site to the Nook, so I can get a new book as soon as I finish the first one.  It's practically brainless to use, VERY simple.  The most trouble I have had was when my laptop was set to Eastern time and it was set on Central and they did not want to communicate.  My major complaint is that it's very B&N-centric and Amazon and other places have free apps that B&N want you to pay for.  And, a calculator app costs .99.  That is INSANE.  But, that's why you root it-gets rid of that proprietary brouhaha.

Matt came home at lunch, which further weakened my project-attacking resolve and has left me having to decide instead if I want to go for a walk first or get groceries.

We walked THEN got food.  4 miles and $72.  I swear, the money dribbles out, it's hardly ever chunks, just chips.  Matt made matteroni and cheese to take tomorrow.  Note I am not talking about tomorrow, only today.  And tonight, because we are going to watch disc 2 of Grimm and eat pomegranate seeds.  And that is my whole day.  Project status: undone.

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